NEBOSH IIRSM Certificate
in Managing Risk

Risk Management - Training

NEBOSH IIRSM Certificate in Managing Risk
(Zarządzanie Ryzykiem)

The NEBOSH IIRSM Certificate in Managing Risk is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to be able to identify, evaluate, and manage organisational risks and understand their impacts.

It is particularly relevant for risk professionals looking to gain a broader view of risk beyond a specialism such as health and safety, quality, or business continuity.

This qualification is initially available via eLearning only, which means you can complete your studies at a time, place, and pace convenient to you. A classroom option will be available later in the year.

The eLearning course provides a comprehensive overview of business risk, and through your studies you will learn:

  • the principles of risk and risk management
  • the risk management process and framework based on ISO 31000
  • the relationship between psychology and decision-making
  • how to analyse the environment in which an organisation operates, identifying potential risks and opportunities
  • the relationship between risk management, business continuity, crisis management and organisational resilience.

The content is explained in more detail in the qualification syllabus guide which can be downloaded from the Resources section below.


The training and exam will be Online via e- learning platform:

  • Teaching time: 28 hours
  • Self-study: 8 hours
  • Total  37 hours

Benefits for you

The eLearning course provides a comprehensive overview of risk. When you have completed the qualification, you will be able to:

  • understand the principles of risk and risk management;
  • source and challenge the validity of risk information;
  • understand the impact of psychology on decision making;
  • apply the risk management process to manage risk effectively;
  • understand how to integrate the risk management framework into your organisation.

Qualification grading

Once you have achieved a Pass you are normally considered to have completed the qualification and you will be able to print off your certificate straightaway.

Risk Management Training - Why is it so important today?

In recent decades, we have witnessed a series of events where failures in risk management significantly impacted the reputation, credibility, and financial situation of many organizations. Some improper decisions and oversights even led to the downfall of large companies.

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Today, successful organizations prioritize risk management in all areas of their operations. They base their growth on the expertise of specialists. However, it should be emphasized that experienced experts are not too abundant in the market. That is why solutions such as the risk management course (NEBOSH IIRSM) are gaining increasing popularity. Through professional training, one can expand their competencies and implement actions that reduce the likelihood of events that could negatively impact the functioning of a given organization or the safety of its employees.

Certified NEBOSH IIRSM Risk Management Course - Who is it a good choice for?

The Risk Management training (NEBOSH IIRSM) will be particularly beneficial for individuals in a company who are involved in shaping risk reduction strategies and who also bear responsibility for risk within their organizations or specific areas of the organization. This course may be chosen by managers, team leaders, directors, or occupational health and safety personnel, for example. Anyone developing their career in management within any organization will benefit from understanding hazards and learning how to address them or the associated risks.

The NEBOSH IIRSM certificate is also a significant asset for individuals who are just starting their professional journey or looking to change careers. Through this training, anyone can enhance their qualifications in the dynamically evolving and increasingly crucial area of risk management, which holds growing importance for many organizations.

The skills acquired during the NEBOSH risk management course are highly valued by companies worldwide. The obtained certificate is a significant advantage over other candidates and serves as a strong bargaining chip, for example, during salary negotiations.

NEBOSH IIRSM Risk Management Course - What you should know about the training?

The NEBOSH IIRSM Risk Management training covers three main areas, which include: risk management principles, the risk management process, and risk management frameworks based on relevant standards such as ISO 31000. Anyone who completes the course will be more effective in safeguarding employees from unexpected events and will also reduce the negative impact of crisis situations on the operation of the company and its reputation.

Additionally, the course provides guidance on how to manage risk within an organization, offering numerous examples of situations where we make choices, accept or take further action regarding specific risks. Experienced experts who based the knowledge in the training on years of professional experience, gathered while working in various organizations, contributed to the preparation of the course.

It's worth emphasizing that thanks to the user-friendly e-learning format, the risk management course can be completed at any location and time. The entire course is conducted online, and the materials are designed to be readable on any device. It's recommended to allocate approximately 37 hours for the training. Upon successfully passing the exam, you will receive a valuable digital certificate.

How to join the Qualification?

Jeśli chcesz dołączyć do kursu NEBOSH IIRSM  wykonaj 3 proste kroki opisane poniżej:

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Within 10 working days of making the payment, you will receive a link to the e-learning platform with the entire training, which you can join from anywhere in the world.


NEBOSH IIRSM Certificate in Managing Risk

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