About Us

Building a safe system Implementation of tasks, the highest standards, professionalism in action, are the key to success, as well as the best certificate and an element of building the company's position in the country and abroad.

The idea behind NEW HSE is to promote international standards, the highest standards of Health and Safety, prevent workplace injuries, minimize costs and insurance premiums. We have been in business since 2011 and have extensive professional experience gained in international markets. Since December 2013 NEW HSE is the first and only accredited NEBOSH Training Centre in Poland, being the world's most important certificate of professional and safe operation. We are a member of international organizations: AIIRSM, NEBOSH.]

WHY we are the best.
  • Based on international analysis and research, we have developed a unique formula for Polish society, taking into account the specifics of its activities and differences in mentality 
  • Number of customers increased by 80% in just one year 99% of our customers continue to work with us
  • Our actions are based on experience, not just theory
  • We work on a case study basis using a variety of research techniques
  • We help our customers achieve a return on their security investment
We look forward to working with you. Ask yourself how we can help you. We present new solutions and approach to issues related to all elements of building, improving and creating safety culture, implementing modern and proven systems, examining safety climate, proposing solutions to the problem, identifying and eliminating risks in the workplace. We specialize in introducing Behavioral Safety Systems BBS, based on the observation of employee behavior. Our proposed training courses, present a new approach to topics, change the mentality and perception of participants on the issues discussed. Experience, knowledge, highest standards, ability to present and interest in the topics are a guarantee of success.

HSE Development Program
  • Design, planning, implementation, management and monitoring
  • Policies, procedures, programs, checklists, training packages
Audit services
  • In the face of legal standards and regulations
  • In view of international standards and management systems, e.g. OHSAS 18001
  • Internal performance monitoring/audit
  • Gap analysis
Programy szkoleniowe
  • BBS, work permits
  • Tool Box discussion and job safety analysis
  • A proposal for many industries
  • Training to develop a safety culture in an organization
HSE risk mitigation plans and procedures
  • Contingency plans
  • Fire protection
  • Hazards in working with gas
  • Noise management plan
  • First Aid

NEBOSH International General Certificate Course

  • The first company in Poland that has been accredited and can organize NEBOSH certification courses.
  • The course takes 10 days and ends with a written exam
  • NEBOSH International General Certificate course at NEW HSE:
    our courses will be taught by experienced trainers, coming from abroad with high qualifications and professional experience, who are NEBOSH accredited
    we provide learning materials to pass the exam
    The course ends with an exam which is evaluated by NEBOSH and if passed successfully you will receive a certificate
What makes NEW HSE stand out
  • The first company in Poland that has been accredited and can organize NEBOSH certification courses.
  • Based on international studies and research, we have developed a unique formula tailored to the mentality of the Polish employee and employer, taking into account the specific nature of the economy and cultural differences.
  • Our approach is based on experience (system implementation in Exalo, PGNiG, Chevron Poland) where safety culture required specific approach, not only theoretical knowledge.
  • Based on the case study, we use research techniques not only quantitative but also qualitative based on employee and management feedback.
  • We are the only ones to have NEBOSH accreditation in Poland, we have the support of Cambridge and IOSH experts
  • We boast an 88% increase in customers over the past year.
  • 99% of our clients want to work with us after the first meeting.
  • We already have the results of our efforts: reduced employer costs and increased employee awareness.
  • We are a company operating in Poland for only 5 years, but because of that we are very flexible, open to customer needs


NEW HSE provides a wide range of HSE training for different levels of management, from managerial staff to unskilled workers. Our extensive experience and knowledge of the specific nature of the Polish work market allows us to effectively influence the improvement of safety and work culture, as exemplified by our cooperation with many companies in this area.