OH&S Training

Every two minutes one EU-citizen dies of an injury. Over 2,78 million people still die each year from a work-related injury or illness. The direct medical cost of injuries…is estimated at € 78 billion (ref. ILO Injuries in the EU, issue 4).

Our main goal is to apply international standards to our customers, prevent incidents at the workplace and assist our clients to build a positive safety culture based on the strong leadership and employee engagement.
Every organisation should develop a planned and systematic approach to implementing the safety and health policy through an effective safety and health management system. Supported by active worker participation, sustained by effective communication and the promotion of competence, which allows all employees and their representatives to make a responsible and informed contribution to the safety and health effort.

NEW HSE training and courses are an interactive customized programmes that meet the highest international OH&S standards and considers the risks and nature of your business.

 Examples of our customized programs can be live in-person or offered through a live video

1.1. Foundations of Health and Safety
1.2 Main elements of OH&S management system
1.3 International OS&H management system standards.

1.4. Reasons and benefits of effective management of OH&S

2.0 Aims and objectives of H&S Policy

2.1 Safety leadership and Management Commitment

2.2 Roles & Responsibilities

2.3 Contractor Management

3.1 Risk Management and Risk Profiling
3.2 Risk assessment (methodology)
3.3 Hierarchy of Risk Control and Strategy of Prevention
3.4 Standards and Safe Systems of Work
3.5 Management of Change

4.1 Incident Reporting and Investigation
4.2 Types of Incidents
4,3 Root Cause Analysis
4.4 Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIF) application
4.5 Performance Measurement and Audit.

5.1 Safety culture and Human Factors
5.2. Human Failures and Violations
5.3 Engagement of Employees
5.4 Communication and Cooperation