We set new boundaries in all the projects we do, based on new, innovative and effective ways of doing things that have not been done in Poland before.

Exceptional collaboration

Working with our business partners, we do everything to ensure that our cooperation is at the highest level and standards, and that the result of this cooperation is task completion and satisfaction.

Creative solutions

We push the boundaries of HSE training and provide comprehensive safety solutions with an emphasis on prevention and proactivity. We offer modern methods tailored to the client's industry and Benchmarking

Impressive results

We ensure high return on investment of the training courses and projects offered, internationally accredited systems and standards, professional trainers. All this leads to success.

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NEW HSE- NEBOSH Learning Partner 1074

NEBOSH training and courses in Poland. Choose your NEBOSH course today

NEBOSH international course in NEW HSE

The idea of our company is to promote the highest standards in the field of health and safety (HSE), increase employee involvement, strengthen leadership, promote positive behavior, create a risk management strategy while preventing injuries in the workplace. That's why we've been helping clients achieve a return on investment in safety and health for over a decade. On the basis of international research and analyses, we have developed a unique formula for Polish society, in which we have taken into account the specificity of activity and differences in mentality.

NEW HSE is the first accredited NEBOSH training and consulting center in Poland. The NEBOSH standard offers internationally recognized qualifications in safety and risk management. NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) is an independent British examination body that specializes in checking the level of knowledge in the field of broadly understood HSE. Its status as a public utility organization and presence on the market since 1979 guarantee top-class professionalism. Obtaining a certificate at the Diploma, Certificate or Award level allows you to significantly improve your professional qualifications. NEBOSH international course certificates are recognized and valued by employers around the world, which makes it easier to take a well-paid job outside Poland, e.g. in the USA, Great Britain or Australia.
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NEBOSH- course Polans

For years, we have been organizing professional NEBOSH trainings for both companies wanting to improve their employees' competences and knowledge covering broadly understood health and safety at work and the environment, as well as individual people aiming to develop in this area. We were the first company in the country to obtain the gold NEBOSH accreditation - the highest possible. Thanks to it, we can organize comprehensive training entitling to obtain a certificate. The skills and knowledge gained during the NEBOSH course in Poland effectively help in better understanding, developing and implementing the principles of occupational safety and health management.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) training is a large dose of professional knowledge. The course can be used as an introduction to achieving higher levels and certification (e.g. NEBOSH Diploma) and achieving many professional successes both on the Polish and international market. In order to work as an H&S Specialist/Advisor in a country and organization where the contract language is English, a diploma with translation is not enough. You must have completed the NEBOSH course with the appropriate certificate. This is the most popular international certificate in the field of health and safety at work, necessary for anyone who plans their career in the field of safety and health. NEBOSH - international IGC training provides valuable skills and knowledge as well as globally respected qualifications that help to develop and strengthen the position and role of the trainee in the organization.

NEBOSH course- for who?

The courses we organize are conducted in English by highly qualified, experienced specialists with NEBOSH accreditation. We provide teaching materials that help our students achieve better exam results. The training ends with two NEBOSH assessed exams. Passing the exams is tantamount to receiving a certificate.

Our courses are designed for any employee in any role who wants to understand and expand their competence in HSE. NEBOSH courses are especially recommended for managers, foremen, supervisors and directors from all types of organizations who make decisions related to safety and health on a daily basis. Our classes are also used by risk managers and specialists from HR, HSE and production departments. No special skills, qualifications or experience are required to sign up for the training. However, a very good command of the English language is necessary, because the NEBOSH course itself and the exam are conducted in this language. Exam questions must also be answered in English. If the candidate who wants to take the course is not sure of his level of English, it is possible to write a free verification test beforehand. It is enough to report such a need before starting the course.

NEBOSH Polska courses are conducted by our experts in the form of live online. During the classes, participants gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of safety and health management. The course focuses on international standards as well as best practices for HSE management and hazard control. The training includes e.g. the operation of HSE and risk management systems, monitoring and measuring health and safety in the workplace and understanding people, i.e. their behavior and human factors. The risk assessment section includes e.g. mental, physical and musculoskeletal health, biological and chemical agents, fire, electricity and work equipment issues.

NEBOSH course- price

Zapewniamy korzystne i konkurencyjne ceny kursów NEBOSH. Aktualne koszty oraz wolną liczbę miejsc na konkretne szkolenia w danym terminie znajdziesz na dedykowanej podstronie w naszym serwisie.

NEW HSE Experts

Meet our HSE experts

Dr Jennet Arshimova

Managing Director

Jennet has over 15 years of international experience in the oil, energy, manufacturing, construction industries, and HSE core competencies (NEBOSH Diploma, IOSH, Cambridge Behavioral Studies, Imperial College, UK).

Founder and Managing Director of NEW HSE, which in Poland promotes the highest international safety standards gained from working with many international companies and major international HSE organizations

Aleksandra Dettlaff

Training and Development Coordinator

Aleksandra jest doświadczonym specjalistą ds. Bezpieczeństwa i Higieny Pracy (BHP), pracującym w branży od 2009 roku. Jej kariera zawodowa wyróżnia się bogactwem doświadczeń, zdobywanych pod skrzydłami wybitnych mentorów i liderów w dziedzinie BHP. 

W swojej karierze Aleksandra miała okazję pracować w różnorodnych branżach – od opieki zdrowotnej, przez ogrzewanie, hotelarstwo, gastronomię, administrację, aż po sport, serwis elektroniczny i przemysł chemiczny.

Maciej Makowski

Process and Fire Safety Specialist

Maciej has 20 years of experience in various industries, particularly in the chemical industry.

Process engineer, EHS specialist, process safety expert, leader of process risk analysis teams (PHA, HAZOP, LOPA), expert knowledge in industrial accident prevention according to Seveso Directive, fire safety and ATEX specialist.
International auditor for process safety


The trainers presented the highest level of substantive preparation, thanks to which training participants gained the assumed knowledge.
Maciej Górski
General Director of Geofizyka Toruñ S.A.
Jennet Arshimova as a representative of “NEW HSE” company is more attractive and demanded for polish market and meets the needs even of very demanded clients. “NEW HSE” brings a lot of innovative and “know- how” ideas in HSE and I believe brings polish HSE standards to the next higher level.
Franciszek Szewczyk
Business Unit Manager Brunel Polska Sp. z o.o
Services provided by “NEW HSE” and demonstrated by her representative proved its competency, experience and knowledge. Eni polska, as one of the major oil and gas companies in the world is expecting to have a consultancy company representatives to be a member of approved and world recognized organizations as IOSH (Institution of Occupational Health and Safety) and IIRSM (the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management).
Maurizio Lesina
Eni representative Senior Drilling Supervisor

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NEBOSH is a leading global organization that provides health, safety and environmental qualifications. 

The globally recognized qualification helps to improve the competency of Health, Safety and Environmental professionals, as well as individuals at all levels in the workplace.

NEBOSH has a clear vision and mission:

  • The vision is to protect and improve health, safety, well-being and the environment in workplaces around the world.
  • The mission is to be recognized as a leading global provider of quality qualifications; training opportunities and student engagement in health, safety, environmental, welfare, risk and related topics.

Since our inception in 1979, more than 400,000 people from around the world have achieved NEBOSH qualifications. Tens of thousands more join their ranks each year, studying with our network of 600 training partners offering exams in over 130 countries.

Qualifications are highly valued by governments, employers and students. They build knowledge and skills that form the basis for competent performance as a health, safety and environmental professional.

In 2014, NEBOSH was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Excellence in International Trade in recognition of our international success.


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NEW HSE is happy to offer various NEBOSH Qualifications. Should you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us on email biuro@newhse.pl

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